Effective Day LLC: Nancy Hagan

The news reminds us every day that unexpected things happen. Are your important papers and information together–in one secure place–and ready to go? Nancy Hagan, Certified Life Documents Organizer, will help you and/or your clients gain peace of mind, knowing you can access your vital records quickly and easily when every minute counts. Owner of Effective Day, LLC, for 10 years, she has taught Productivity Classes at Miami University, is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers, and is dedicated to freeing you to do what you do best!

Are you prepared for                        

  • A medical emergency
  • Fire, tornado, evacuation
  • Life Changes
    • Moving
    • New baby
    • Retirement
    • Your legacy
  • Someone to step in to care for you or those you love?

What people don’t know could cost them everything! Whether it is an expected generational transfer, tornado, fire, flood, medical or other emergency, where it is imperative to have complete information at hand, create peace of mind with economical and easily implemented systems.

Bring visibility to hidden assets, and prevent crisis and loss (unclaimed funds are in the billions of dollars!) by knowing what you need to know.   Enjoy the ease of allowing us to help organize important legal, financial, medical and other personal information that is so vital to your family and businesses.

Give yourself and your loved ones the peace of mind and time-saving gift of getting it all together. 

Sample Speaking Topics:

  • Your Important Information: How to Avoid “The Mess They Left”
  • Are you Ready? Your Grab and Go Checklist
  • Gain An Hour A Day: The Office Miracle
  • Design Your Day: Optimize Your Time, Energy and Results
Nancy Hagan
Certified Life Documents Organizer
Effective Day LLC
Grab & Go Checklist
 How to Avoid “The Mess They Left”


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